Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sowing seeds

The sunny weather found us outside today.  Betsy and Meg played on the trampoline for a while.  Freddie remarked that they were quiet.  I went out to take a look, and found the reason why - Betsy had coloured Meg's face to look like Max from Max and Ruby!  She'd done an excellent job, although the photo hasn't done her justice.

 I suggested a sunflower race, and the kids liked the idea.  They each had two pots and planted two sunflower seeds in each one.  They labelled them, watered them, and I put them in the greenhouse.  I hope they don't get eaten by slugs!
They helped me plant some lettuce seeds too.  I want to grow salad at home so I can pick it for my lunch.  I planted tomato seeds that I will put into growbags when they're big enough.
I've had the runner bean in a jar activity on my ideas list for a while, and we set it up today.
On the way back from taking Freddie to martial arts, the girls and I popped to the allotment to water the blackcurrant bushes Rob planted on Sunday.  It was positively hot by then.
Inside there was the usual games on the Nexus and laptop.  Betsy made a big robot, the kids played with the Hexbugs, I made a skirt for Betsy.

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