Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Up and down

I took this photo of Freddie and Betsy last night, as they looked so sweet!  
The kids kept busy this morning.  Meg asked for the car mat out, and they all played together for a while.  Betsy stopped to make a necklace before we headed out to riding.
Freddie and Betsy said they wanted to stop riding lessons.  I was disproportionately upset.  I was sad that Meg would miss out, as I wouldn't drive an hour round trip for her to ride for 15 minutes.  More seriously, I felt that riding was something I had got right, that I was somehow failing if they wanted to stop.  Ugh.  I put my sunglasses on and cried in the car, then pulled myself together.  I asked them if they would like to ride without the bits they didn't enjoy - just walk the ponies.  Yes, they said.  I asked the stable owner if this would be ok.  Yes, she said. I'm relieved, but will have a think about why I've attached so much to something we do twice a month.
Home for lunch, the trampoline, Playstation games.  Betsy did some drawings in her Moshi Monster notebook, to go with the story she wrote.  She dictated the words to me, then copied my writing.
Freddie was waiting for the delivery of the excellently named Eye Brawl, one of the Skylander Giants figures.  It arrived in the afternoon, but very annoyingly the game disc must have a scratch as it's not working.  Bloody frustrating for all concerned.

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