Friday, 19 June 2015

A flurry of wild, and oh no! Monopoly!

Just after I wrote yesterday's blog, I took the rubbish out and saw a toad making its way across the garden.  We've been here 7 years, and it's the first toad we've seen.

I called Rob and the kids out to have a look, and took some really rubbish photos (I was a bit over-excited!).

After a few minutes, it decided we weren't too much of a threat and walked to the woodpile next to the shed.

Rob's new bat detector arrived yesterday, and he went out for an experimental wander as night fell.  He's delighted with it, and he identified a couple of bat species.  As it's almost midsummer it was very late, and the kids were in bed.  It will be perfect in a few weeks.

Today Meg and I strung popcorn on some string thread, and hung it up on the tree next to the hedge.  The hedge is home to dozens of house sparrows.  

In other news, Fred asked to play Monopoly today.  Oh, how I squirmed!  I did not want to play. Not at all!  But we played, and it was kind of fun.  He won, with only a little bending of the rules. I'm not looking forward to Betsy wanting to join in.  One of them will lose.  And it's such a long game that it's difficult to say, 'oh dear, never mind, we'll play again now'.  Fred and I played from 11 till 3.15, with a break for lunch!

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