Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Finally, fair weather

It's a warmer and sunnier day today.  We've been home-based again, enjoying chilling here after our camping trip last week.  I'm mindful that June gets a little busier from next week, so want to balance that out a bit.

To celebrate the warmer weather, I painted my toenails orange.  Betsy and Meg wanted bright nails too.  Fred declined the offer.

Meg noticed some birds on the feeder.  We crept slowly up to the window so as not to frighten them away.  We spotted house sparrows, and Meg pointed out a female blackbird (I identified it for her).

After lunch Betsy and Meg wanted to get the sprinkler out.  Betsy watered the vegetable plants while I sorted the hose out.  Meg showed her which ones were the potatoes, as she'd planted them in the spring.

The tomatoes are looking ready to plant into grow bags now, so I think I'll get one tomorrow.  I'll ask Rob to plant the sweetcorn, leeks and sunflowers this weekend.

Then the girls bounced on the trampoline and played in the sprinkler.

I unpacked the last of our holiday bags, and found the slate that Fred had been shaping last week.  I put it out with some of the other treasures from previous holidays - and the fantastic sheep skull that Moss found and gave to us!

Everyone is with a friend right now - Fred is on PS3 online with Boris, Betsy is at Jarvis's, Meg is with Teddy.

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