Thursday, 18 June 2015

Pet snails and water fights

I got the paddling pool out today.  That plus the trampoline take up the whole garden!

I made some sponge water bombs, using this youtube tutorial:

I chucked some water pistols and the sponge bombs in the paddling pool, and the kids had a water fight.

While they were in the garden, Fred and Betsy found a snail that they adopted as a pet.

They made a habitat, and will keep it for a couple of days.  They've named it Turismo (Betsy wanted Gismo, Fred wanted Turbo, so they came up with a blended name!).

Later there were lots of neighbours available to play with.  Kids in and out - Fred to Jarvis's, Teddy here, joined by Jeanie for a while, then new friend Jake came over, and Betsy and Meg went to his house.

In between comings and goings, and laundry, and deliveries, I noticed a magnificent spider web outside the front door.

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