Monday, 8 June 2015

Park meet

There was a home ed park meet up today.  It was great - all ages from babies to teenagers.  

We started at the stream.  Fred carried the fishing nets in his own way!

Betsy and Meg did some climbing en route.

The kids spent time in the stream.  Fred made a dam, Meg had a ride on someone's inflatable, there was a water fight.  Betsy did some pond dipping, but she couldn't see any creatures.  I guess they were microscopic, and I couldn't find the flipping magnifying glass this morning.

Fred went into a particularly muddy section, and his croc got sucked in!  They were his only pair of shoes, so he was bare foot for the rest of the time (we called in at Sports Direct on the way home for a new pair).

Betsy got cold in the water, so she collected daisies for me to make into a crown.  Meg, Betsy and a new small friend ran off to explore the beautiful meadow.

Then we headed over to the playground.  Lots of climbing, playing, chatting.  

We had a late lunch when we got home, then Betsy and Meg gave me these:

I start a new job at Waitrose this evening.  It's my first paid work since 2007.  Exciting!

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