Thursday, 4 June 2015

Busy bees

I got the kids up quite early today as we had an education visit to Pizza Express booked.  It was a bit on the dull side, quite a lot of waiting around and for some reason they didn't get to make the dough themselves.

However, they were all really happy that they'd put the pizza together, and 2 out of 3 carried the pizzas home (rather than asking me to!).

It's been actually properly warm today.  We walked home in the sunshine, the jumpers I'd brought just in case stayed in my bag.

We stopped to smell the beautiful honeysuckle on the bridge.

The kids were feeling how warm the walls and fences were in the sun.  They noticed the white wall was cold, and the unpainted wall was warm.  I mentioned that light colours reflect the sun away, keeping them cooler.

After lunch the kids played in the garden, Fred squirting the girls with the hose.  Lots of laughter!

I found a solitary bee house I had stashed away (as you do).  Betsy set it up, and we moved a lavender next to it.  Our random act of wildness of the day.

Kids playing with friends now - Fred at Jarvis's, Betsy and Meg with Will and Jeanie in the garden.

I downloaded some 'fact of the day' trivia for June, today's is great and blew Fred's mind!  If you fold a piece of paper 42 times, it would reach the moon!  Details here

He folded a piece of A4 6 times, and we found some photos of the paper folding world record (12 times).

Rob and I are off to Epsom Ladies Day tomorrow (ooh lala), leaving the kids with my mum.  I'm sure they'll have a fun day and get spoilt!

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