Sunday, 21 June 2015


We went to the allotment yesterday.  The broad beans needed harvesting - those that had been left by the zillions of blackfly.  We brought home some chard and rhubarb too.

I spotted a ladybird on some nearby potato plants, I wish there were enough of them to eat the pests!

The allotment next door isn't being worked, and is full of long grass and wildflowers.

The kids did some digging, chopping, watering.  Meg found a feather.  Rob weeded and sorted.

The girls and I checked Rob's wildlife pond.  It's looking great, and we saw some tiny creatures in the water.

Today I worked (yay! Loving my new job), Betsy and Meg went to a party, Rob and Fred trimmed the hedge.  More snail fun today too.  They really love snails!  They dabbed some paint on the shells, so they can find them again.

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