Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Not-at-all flaming June

The weather remains windy and cold.  I put the heating on for an hour this morning.  Ugh.

We stayed in, and watched some BBC Springwatch webcams.  Our favourite was the blue tit nest.  We counted 11 chicks.  That's a lot of work for the parent!  

One chick in particular kept cheeping, while the others dozed or cleaned their feathers.  It jumped up whenever the parent came back with food, but always seemed to miss out.  Poor little chick,  but it did make us laugh!

Meg and I watched the peregrine falcons.  They are losing their chick feathers now, and can't be that far away from fledging.

Meg and I refilled the bird feeders, and watched for the sparrows from the front window.

Other activities today include dressing up as pirates, looking after Rosie the cat, and playing with friends after school.

There was some really lovely collaborative playing today.  Meg wanted to play Skylanders, and Fred and Betsy helped her out.  Fred and Betsy are playing the same tower defense game online on their ipads, and were sharing tactics and ideas.  Later, when the trampoline dried out, they all played for ages until Meg got landed on and came in.

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