Saturday, 6 June 2015

Two days of wild

It's been a busy couple of days, with lots of random acts of wildness.

Yesterday Mum came over to look after the kids while Rob and I skipped off to Ladies Day at Epsom, courtesy of his company.  

In between glasses of Pimms, lunch and races, I rescued a beetle from the marquee.

Meanwhile, the kids walked along the canal to the playground, and saw the moorhen chicks (still 4, yay!), and some ducklings.

The caterpillars I ordered arrived yesterday.  They're tiny now, just under 1cm.  It's fun to watch them grow.

One final wild event yesterday - we saw a bat fly past the window at dusk (quite late, about 10.15pm), and called Betsy and Fred down to see.  After a few minutes later it flew past again. Lovely.

Today Betsy had a wild day with Jarvis at Woburn Safari Park.  Rob went wild at the allotment, harvesting onions and rhubarb, and weeding *everything*.  Meg and I saw lots of bees gathering nectar.

Meg loves the sunlight shining on the canal, says the twinkles of light are diamonds.  I got a photo of them today.

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