Sunday, 7 June 2015

Birthday celebration #1 and 30 Days of Wild #7

Fred's birthday is on Tuesday, so today we had a celebration with family and friends.  Rob and I tidied up like crazy this morning, and put up metres of bunting.

Mum, Chris and Tom came over, and Fred opened his presents.

He got two cool T shirts, some camo shorts (oh cool, army shorts! he said), two Bear Grylls books, and a remote controlled drone.  He was very happy!

Then we all headed off to bowling, where we met up with some friends.

It was lots of fun (though Betsy was very sad that she came last in her game.  I came very very last in my game!).

Then back to ours for sandwiches, toasties, crisps and cakes.  

The kids watched a film and played on ipads, and on the trampoline, and with the drone.  Betsy won a game of Top Trumps against me, Nanny, Grandpa and Tom.

We found time in the day for 30 Days of Wild.  Betsy topped up our little temporary wormery with food and water (tea leaves, strawberries).

Meg and Rob went to allotment to water the plants.

I planted up the tomato plants in the grow bag this morning, and some trailing lobelia into a hanging basket.  And as I type, the swallows are dive bombing for flies and midges above the house.  It's a beautiful evening.

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  1. Can I come to a birthday party at your house please?

    We have an allotment too and in the Autumn our house feels really small for a few weeks as we adjust to not going to the allotment in the evenings.