Thursday, 11 June 2015

Feeling restored

The kids slept in this morning, which meant I got up later too.  Hooray for a bit more energy today!

We visited friends in Milton Keynes.  The eldest is a fellow gamer, so Fred was happy.  They did some PS3 games, and Roblox on the PC.

Meg and Betsy played with the shop, Minecraft and with a really fun game called Hullabaloo. I'm going to look out for it at car boot sales or on ebay.

There was lots and lots of laughter from all the kids, it was lovely.

Fred hit the PS3 when we got home, while Betsy and Meg made a safety mat for jumping onto.

Then we went into the garden.  They bounced, I watered, and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

Meg's bean that she grew in a jar, with buds about to flower.

Gorgeous seed head in our neighbour's garden.

Betsy sprinkled a few wild flower seeds into her mini nature reserve.

They saw their friend arrive home, and darted off to play.  20 minutes later Meg was carried home by the dad, with a foot full of splinters.  Ouch.  I got them all out, with only one needing a bit of digging with tweezers!

Fred's really happy - there's been an update in GTA5.  He's busy exploring the changes!

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