Monday, 1 June 2015

Wildness on our doorstep

We are very lucky that we live right next to a canal.  Today we walked into town, but first I wanted to look for the moorhen chicks that I'd spotted the other day.  The kids hadn't seen them yet, and it seemed like a good 'random act of wildness'.

We walked along, enjoying the sights and sounds.  Meg and Betsy pointed out a duck on a log.

Then we found a moorhen and two chicks.  They are so fluffy!  

I was worried that there were only two, as I'd seen four the other day.  Luckily, the other two were with the other parent.  Phew!

We walked along the canal, to the path that goes into town.  We saw loads of little sparrows on the path in front of us, and they flew into the hedge.

The path goes along some houses, and some of them have some lovely gardens.  There were some gorgeous big poppies, and yellow flag irises.  There was a mass of flowers in the dead space between a house and a fence.

When we got back, we ticked the 1st June off our chart.

The reason for our trip was to buy a toy for Meg.  She has given up her dummy, and I wanted to buy her something to mark the occasion (I had done this for Betsy and Fred, when they stopped using a dummy).  She chose a baby doll, that came with a potty, a bottle and all sorts of other things (including a dummy!).

The baby came home and had a bath with Betsy and Meg, and did a wee on her potty!  

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